Our Solutions

We make it our duty to provide effective, end-to-end parking solutions for governments and municipalities. We have experience in revitalizing parking lots, meters and government-owned assets and turning them into profit-generating operations. Our turnkey service includes installation of proven technologies that offer real-time data needed for improved efficiency and profitability.

Services provided:
Valet Parking
Parking Management
Parking Technology Consultations and Install
RFP Preparation
Data Mining


Shared transportation and moving large groups of people along planned or calculated routes is slowly evolving to a new way of thinking about day-to-day transportation. Our main focus is improving travel efficiency, reducing transportation costs, being eco-friendly and reducing traffic congestion as much as possible while providing exceptionally professional parking and logistical services to our community. To learn about our Micro-Transit & Ride-Share Mobility program, contact us for more information.

Good Neighbor Program
In addition to providing excellent service to your establishment, Refined will provide continual leadership in the area that you are rooted in. We will anticipate the needs of all user groups, and always work in the best interest of your business. We will provide leadership and substantial consulting and expertise to your business, your partners, and all stakeholders impacted in order to minimize friction, anticipate challenges, and provide the very best neighborhood for all.
On Street Parking
The answer to most parking problems in the municipal market is not glamorous and is not costly. The answer is better on-street parking management. Good on-street parking management can end on-street parking chaos. It enables streets to function as intended with efficiency and safety. Parking management helps local commerce, residents, bus service, bicycle users, people on foot, and vehicle users of all kinds. It also enables efficient and fair use of street space. It can ease local traffic problems at low cost, easing parking conflict. On-street parking management also helps the wider off street parking system and encourages more sustainable urban mobility. It does all this at low cost and occasionally even makes a revenue surplus. Good on-street parking management is essential for every busy area of every town.